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Final ESU Updates for Windows 7 SP1 (Retired!)


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Okay, I downloaded the Windows Update Agent updates. Would you guys recommend using DISM in this case or should I include them in SetupComplete.cmd? Thank you!

Any idea about Update for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (KB2728973)? Like I said before, it is included in Steven's lists and is downloaded as an executable called rvkroots.exe although Windows Update does not display this update at all. Is it necessary to somehow still integrate this since Windows Update is not displaying it? And if yes, how can I go about doing the same?

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Regarding WUA updates: defenetly use DISM althought Win7 Toolkit and RT7Lite should have no problem integrating .cab updates either. Regarding rvkroots.exe - no this cant be integrated using standard methods. Like KB2533552 the only way is reverse integration. Install windows. Install updates on live system. Sysprep-generalize-shutdown and capture the .wim image from another OS install. Replace default wim in iso and should be ok.<br style="font-family: Verdana;">

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Hello steven,

Here is a list of the NET 3.5.1 updates that appear after installing Windows 7 x64 will all the updates from your fantastic UL rolled into it.






Hope that is of some help to you?


Thanks JonnyT, I will start putting them into the lists, and the lists should be available sometime tomorrow around 2pm GMT (subject to change, depending on when I wake up, I'm not a morning person.)

The updates are now included in latest lists available on first post of this thread.:)

And thanks to everyone else that thanked me, I really do appreciate it (and thanks tomorrow for answering some members questions in my absence :)).

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Hi All, I'm confussed (dosn't take much)

Title says "Post-SP1 updates" post to me means anything after sp1 but for some reason the downloaded list also includes sp1?

If I'm updating with all updates since sp1 I just dont include (tick) the box for sp1 yea?


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