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Traditional Chinese System Error Log

hfslip 1.7.9 There are several problems arise

1. WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe integration will appear msimsg.mui missing file problem.

2. WindowsXP-KB905474-CHT-x86.exe & WindowsXP-KB970653-v3-x86-CHT.exe integrated, or to install.

3. Hfslip 1.7.9 using the official version of the integrated, Windows Update has been unable to update, open the web page will be choked to death.

(My English was poor, which is turning the contents of the translation machine)

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fz500 - I'll assume that you are having the same prob as L-F. He hasn't chimed in so I don't know how to answer him. Whatever the case, I'm not sure what Windows-zh-TW-KB943729.exe is, the filename format doesn't look like a normal microsoft release. I do not recall if it is a supported hotfix or not. It's probably safer to delete it. I'm not too sure what the prob is, it seems that the txtsetup.sif is correct. Is the file missed in text copy mode in the sourcess folder? Are you doing a clean install from a boot CD?

AJARBAS - Your txtsetup.sif looks fine too. Is the file missed in text copy mode in the sourcess folder? Are you doing a clean install from a boot CD?

The bottom line is that languages that aren't english or don't use a standard qwerty keyboard are harder to digest in the script.

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Windows-zh-TW-KB943729.exe just looked up the official file name to have replaced Windows-KB943729-x86-CHT.exe

I have try not to be able to pass the conformity WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe words installment am normal, but if conformity WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe will present msimsg.mui file losing.

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Ok, I figured it out, sort of. MSFT changed their language naming scheme. Boy, they sure like changing file and folder names. Nothing like being consistent. Way to go microsoft!

Here's a fix you can do while I figure out how to automate things.

FZ500 -

Open the script. Find

REN TEMP\sp3qfe\msimsg.dll.%LG%-*.mui msimsg.mui

and replace with

REN TEMP\sp3qfe\msimsg.dll.zh-tw.mui msimsg.mui


Locate the same line of code as above and replace with:

REN TEMP\sp3qfe\msimsg.dll.pt-br.mui msimsg.mui


I'm not sure what "traditional" Chinese is, but maybe one of these two makes sense:

Chinese (China) - Change line of code to REN TEMP\sp3qfe\msimsg.dll.zh-cn.mui msimsg.mui

Chinese (Hong Kong) - Change line of code to REN TEMP\sp3qfe\msimsg.dll.zh-tw.mui msimsg.mui

Save, re-run the program and you should be OK. Good luck!

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Simplified Chinese (China):zh-cn

Traditional Chinese (Taiwan):zh-tw

Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong):zh-hk

Thanks, I look for a time to try!!!

Edited by fz500
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