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32-Bit Icon patch for XP regedit and taskmgr


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Hello guys...

I'm new here & i Want to contribute some of my mod...

Recently I've reshacked my regedit and replace the folder icon... but unfortunately instead of displaying a properly 32-bit icon it dispalys low quality icon.... just like this:


that's make me thinking....

there must be a way to make it (regedit) displaying 32-bit icon....

And here's what I've got.....


to enable 32-bit icon do:

74 05 BF 01 20

replace with
90 90 BF 21 00

Note: search for original byte and then replace it with reserved code....

But.... what about taskmgr???

To make it displaying 32-bit icon in the user tab just do:

74 05 BB 01 20

new 32 bit
90 90 BB 21 00

and You'll got this :


instead of this:


enjoy B)

Dubby 2009...


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