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The DirectX ones? They aren't exactly monthly, more like every 2-4 months. I suppose they add functionality for something that plain DirectX doesn't have. Usually if a game requires a dll from the monthly updates, it would include the files.

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...also regarding erasing these folders... "My BASE image is 383 megs" thats bizzare :D

may i ask if vista has something simmiliar to remove to cut size the iso ? :P

(i cant go lower than 1.3GB via vlite) :P

With XP all that setup uses is JUST the i386 folder and none of the folders outside of it. Not only that but the lang, Win9xMig, Win9xUpg, and WinntUpg are not even used...

Thats why my base image is soo small. The 383megs is via HAND cleaning without use of nLite (Its what we used todo before nLite)

After MODERATE nLite-ing my image is @280 megs. Thats without the loss of any functionality...

Things like this:

Media Center
Music Samples
Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder
Speech Support
Tablet PC

;# Network #
MSN Explorer
Windows Messenger

;# Operating System Options #
Blaster/Nachi removal tool
Extra Fonts
File and Settings Wizard
Help and Support
Search Assistant
Service Pack Messages

All of these are either:

A: Outdated


B: Commonly replaced

Also as for the addons look at it this way:

Would you like to use a 100 meg file that has x64 bit code and components that already exist PLUS code for another half dozen so OS's? Or you can use a 10 meg addon that has only the needed files for XP and the internal .inf files greatly cleaned and optimized? We have been at this a very long time and am pretty good at what we do.

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