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Remove the X from the logon script dos window


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Hi, I'm sure somebody must have had this problem before..

I have logon scripts for users and I have managed to minimize them on startup when the user logs in, but I have observed users closing the login window before it's finished.

Is there anyway to stop users from being able to close the logon dos window?


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Yep, the board software is a bit "hysterical", from time to time.

These work:



The ones in this post:


do work. :)

General explanation, this link:


really means:


the latter shold work with any of the board settings and "stupid" friendly names, and the various version of them.

Current valid link to the same thread is:


it seems like for some time an underscore "_ " was used instead of the minus "- "sign. :unsure:


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Is there anyway to stop users from being able to close the logon dos window?

Try free ConsoleNoClose by Uwe Sieber:


ConsoleNoClose disables the X button and removes the Close system

menu item of all console windows when they become active.

It runs invisible in the background.

If it's started when another instance is running, it ends and

leaves the previous instance untouched.

To remove a previous instance from memory, run it with parameter /R.

To do it for exactely one console window, start it with parameter /1.

It will then disable the X button of the first console window that

becomes active. Then it ends.

Started with /ALL it deactivates all menus of console windows. They

cannot be closed, maximized, minimized then. No access to settings


Cheers, Roman

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Thank you.

Here is what I did:

Create a script called invisible.vbs:

CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments(0) & """", 0, False


Then in the login.bat file I put a command like so:

wscript.exe "\\mydomain.local\netlogon\invisible.vbs" "\\mydomain.local\netlogon\loginscript.bat"

This is good enough.. It minimizes the logon window and hides it behind the start bar when logging in..

If you have a very fast PC and fast reflexes it is possible to close the window as soon as you log in, but you have to be very determined and quick at it..

Not really a major problem.

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