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"Smart UAC Replacement"


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Anyone know something about this little program shown in the subject line? I have been having some very annoying problems with UAC and have been advised to turn it off, WRONG!! That seems to be one of the only if not MAIN thingy that is either HELPING or Protecting my system at this time.

I have had Alwil's Avast!4 antivirus software on my Vista SP2 system with very satisfying results. It has a feature you may set to run a scan of your system prior to Windows starting, in other words before possible installation of any RootKits or other damaging software. Which I feel is a very LARGE + for them, Alwil, and anyone using their software. NO, this is not any ad for Avast, just my opinion.

On to my problem, in my attempts to discover what is preventing my FireWall from being run when I boot up, which was my original problem, I was told to remove any and all AntiVirus software and my Firewall which I did. Then reinstalled my firewall which did the same not starting at bootup. Attempted to reinstall my Avast antivirus and I received a RED UAC box telling me my Admin had blocked the use of this software because it is untrusted, or words to that effect. I am my own Admin and did not do any such operation. No help has been given to me to alleviate this problem. In searching for a solution I did find some help to get around the install of Avast and managed to get it up and running, but; could not do any scans as when clicking on the icon to run a scan that RED UAC box was back and would not allow it. Using the same method of getting around the RED UAC box popup I managed to run scans, with much difficulty but it worked.

At that time I had two of my security softwares giving me problems and could not find what was causing this. Found this software "Smart UAC Replacement" and installed it and my problems are NOT there any more, gone I hope for good.

Any comments about the subject software will be appreciated,

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The Smart UAC Replacement program was created by a company called Security Stronghold who created TrueSword which was a security risk. In short, I do NOT trust that program at all.

Read the following about that "questionable" program at these sites:





Since I've already turned off UAC on my mom's Vista laptop without the help of third party tools, better to keep it off if you're annoyed by it. I'm not letting the Smart UAC Replacement program touch my mom's Vista laptop at all. period!

EDIT: I do remember using TweakUAC on the Vista laptop in early 2008 which was a better and cleaner alternative than SmartUAC. There was also Norton UAC Tool which sort of worked on most Vista computers but seem to crash on some Vista machines.

Still, I'm better off having UAC disabled completely as I have Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware and NOD32 installed on the Vista laptop.

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I actually found it to be MORE intrusive than regular Vista UAC, although it was a bit (and I stress, only a bit) more informational when prompting about what the program in question was attempting. You would probably be better served, if you aren't going to rely on inbox UAC, to use Norton's replacement. However, I've seen both Norton's UAC replacement and Smart UAC Replacement BSOD Vista boxes, so be warned. Honestly, you'd be better served with a good antivirus program, the firewall enabled, and regularly scan for mailicious software with the myriad security tools we talk about here. UAC might help protect most end users from themselves, but for the bulk of us here it's probably best just to disable it unless you need some functionality (like IE protected mode) that you cannot get without it enabled.

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