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How to fix display issue?

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I wanted to revisit an old website design I once made a while back. It was before IE7 came out. I made it in compliance with CSS and also XHTML for certain things. I have CSS v1.0 validation and would have XHTML if I didn't use the shortcuts I have. Anyways, the page displays correctly in IE6 but not Firefox (at that time it was Beta version). It does not display correctly in IE7 or IE8, or any Release version of Firefox. Any idea why not?

If you do not have both browsers to test in, here is what it is supposed to look like:

1. main layout and copyright should be centered under the main layout.

2. the menu on the right should be in the box on the right

Oh, if you look at it, don't bother cliking any of the links. They will not work.


This is how it looks in IE6 if you don't happen to have it.


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Just tested it on FF 3.5.3 and IE8 on vista and it looked fine in both so I qued it up for a test at browsershots and it looks like only IE5.5 barfs on it:


That website doesn't show me anything. I was wondering if a site like that existed tho. It does not look right on IE 8 Beta 2 (2003), Firefox 3.5 (XP) or Firefox 3.0.10 (2003). See that screenshot I added in my first post to see what it looks like in IE6.

Set "#dbnavright a" to use "width: 92px" instead of "width: 100px"


Set "#dbnavright ul" to use "margin: 0px" instead of "margin-left: 0px"

I'll try that later! Thanks!

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