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xpize 5 lite

Hell Racer

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Hi!! I want to do something similar, but I don't know how to extract the .anop file from the installer with the necesary resouces.

could you explain how to do this? or explair the general process?

Trade secret :)

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Hi guys!!

I just finished packing an XPIZE MOD based on HELL RACER's release6b. (so all credits to w3bbo and hellracer) ;)

@hell racer: I added a "C" in the info, to show that is based on your mod. If you have any problems with it, I don't mind renaming it.


What was REMOVED in this "lite version":

* black and embedded themes

* MCE theme replaced by the BLUE theme (although it will still be named as "MCE" in the setup)

* hardware-specific mods (bluetooth, realtek audio, etc)

* xpize screensaver (I kept XP 3D flag!)

* xpize system info

* the blue boot screen

* WinRAR and 7Zip customizations ('cause I use powerarchiver :P)

* SOME visual styles (just kept Luna and Luna Royale)

* SOME of the wallpapers removed too

* removed support of remote desktop 5.2

* removed the "optional" timedate.cpl tweak (makes clock look uglier)

* old 3d cursor

* file icons (pdf, wav, etc..)

etc... check it out ;)


* Support for Remote Desktop Connection 6.1

* mstask.dll bug fixed

* Support for 32-bit icons REGEDIT AND TASKMGR.EXE (you still need to do the HEX editing by yourself)

* Minor changes in the setup tree...

size: 11.2MB SHA-1: D024A14DCF4AE2C06AA573578FC65BEE93ED367A



ps: I didn't bother adding notes to CHANGELIST.TXT XD

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Hi everyone, Could anybody re-upload the installer of this release of xpize 5 lite version? I have lost and urgent for use, Thanks in advance.

- xpize 5 lite 0.1


= Changes compared to xpize 5 Release 6

* Removed all custom visual styles and themes (except some Luna Element bitmaps)

* Removed custom WinRar and 7-zip themes

* Removed custom cursor scheme

* Added fix to standard 3D-White cursor scheme (you need to reselect it in Control Panel)

* Some minor fixes

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