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ever considered to make easy tutorial ?


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in some post i see usage of BAT scripting to remove componets from ISO

but it is all already "set up" to something

me as total newbie but want to "understand", would like and i guess any other user

in future who will came to desire to customise more the OS would like the same

is some basic tutorial explaining how to use imageX, DISM and BAT scripts

to lets say remove specific folders from image and which are safe to remove

without brake the instalation

then how to replace some files (sounds or wallpapers maybe), or how to set

some things as defaults when OS is installed (like change the default wallpaper or some explorer setting or how to put some file on desktop by default, i guess

this would include registry entry), but main point how to make all this things not while OS is installed

but in ISO itself

just few basic things so user can start with something

myself im not lazy but jumping from thread to thread from post to post

from one forum to another just to find some bits of something is hassle and confusing

just a thought if some of you experts here who already do this and know it much

to make some easy examples, coz on net we encounter dosen of OS modifications

but no easy understandable walktroughts how to make something simmiliar

and clicking in vlite doesnt do it :P

just a thought :P

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I understand you would like this. My guide took quite some time and it is just that I want to share my work with others so they can benefit from it. I understand you want it to be easier, but just like some do not understand batch-files, I am not expert in writing programs in for instance .NET. Should I be able to do this, then I might make a tool out of it.

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