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Add "Run command" to unattend.xml using WSIM

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Hi all

I've been tweaking an unattend.xml file that I have created using WSIM and noticed that the powerplan settings are not getting implemented in the final installation. I know about setupcomplete.cmd, but I'd like to use the runsynchronous commands in oobe.

What is the proper way of doing that? I know that it should start with "cmd /c ....", but what about the path? I don't have a network share I could use. Environment variables maybe? I don't want the batch files to be copied on the computer I'm installing, I'd rather run them directly from the dvd. Is that possible???

Thank you.

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I had this same type of issues for my DVD base installs and the way I worked around it was to copy the files to a temp folder. Once the files were copied to the from the $OEM$ folder I install the applications from there and then deleted the folder.

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Try this:

<SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add">
<Description>Hibernate Off</Description>
<CommandLine>cmd /c %systemroot%\system32\powercfg.exe /hibernate off</CommandLine>

This should be placed @ oobeSystem in Shell-Setup.

POWERCFG.EXE should have already been copied to HDD.

I, myself, have not tried this. As far as I can tell, you MAY (or may not) have to put quotes somewhere.

??? dunno, but let us know if it works.

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