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Freezes at installing network when installing xp


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When i try to install xp it always freezes on this computer at "Installing Network" 32 mins.

I have tried.

-Changing cd-roms

-Changing cd's

-Tryed XP Pro, XP Home, and different cd's of each

-Went in the bios to disable the onboard lan but did not see that option

-Changed hard drives

-Changed ram

-Changed ram slots

-Removed everything in all the PCI slots

-Changed IDE slots on motherboard

Basically everything i could think of to get this baby to load and nothing besides replacing the motherboard. This computer was gave to me and it is about 5 years old i would say. No damage on the motherboard, all caps do not seem to be blown out the top or bottom, cpu and ram are at a good temp.

Any ideas on what to try next or just set it a fire?

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When it freezes does the screen still animate and is the mouse cursor still moveable?

IIRC alot of things happen at the "Installing Network" stage in XP setup. Also there might be a setup log you can access by mounting the drive in a working OS. IMO its probably a driver issue, can you find out what the model for the motherboard and other components are?

Note this topic will be moved to either the XP or Hardare forum soon. :)

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i know im sry i posted very late last nite i had little sleep and trying to fix a computer did not help lol.

i agree i feel like it has something to do with drivers... the screen still animates and i tried yet again and it made it to 31 mins, and the mouse still moves.

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Any ideas on what to try next or just set it a fire?

I've had an install freezing like that at "registering components". After 2nd try, I simply restarted and install went on to finish. There was no problem afterwards. As it was an nlited XP, I thought the problem was comming from that (possibly the order in which drivers are installed??). See here also for same sympthoms but probably other cause if you are installing from an original disk.

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