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WPI 7.7 & 7.5 CMD problem

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I am trying both WPI 7.5 and 7.7 to run a cmd file. It shows execution is success in log file but I write some command in .cmd file which is not executed properly. If I run manually run that .cmd file all command resides in it executed properly. pls help to run CMD file successfully.

I already change install.js file to run cmd command. pls help. is it bud?

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I think you cmd-file looks like this:

setup.exe /your /args


The problem is, that the working-directory is "%WINDIR%\system32" - so your exe-files can not be found.

You can make all your path fully qualified by using %~dp0 (path to the script-directory).

So you can modify your script like this:

"%~dp0setup.exe" /your /args

or this

PUSHD "%~dp0"
setup.exe /your /args


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Try it without the {CMD} tag.

Or do: cmd /c Tuneup1.cmd

Where did you find {CMD} and why did you use {CMD}?

to enable {CMD} need to change install.js flle....

OK my problem I solve out ok thanks for help.

I use PUSD and popd in CMD file.

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