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XBOX and Guitar games

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I am been asked to assemble some kind of video game setup for some outdoor events at the college where I work for some of our student activities.

I plan to get a couple inflatable screens (12' - 16' ones probably) and I already have projectors for displaying the games on the screen and i also have the sound systems taken care of.

Heres my problems:

I own a PS3 and a Wii and I think the PS3 is great but would be money wasted on the console that could be better used elsewhere and im afraid the Wii would be too kiddie for our crowd

So that leaves me with Buying 1-2 XBOX 360s and 1-2 GH/Rockband kits. I have never used an XBOX360 and i have no rhythm so i cant play RB/GH

so here is the questions:

  • Guitar Hero or Rock Band? (what are the pro/cons of each?)
  • Arcade or Pro? -already decided against doing Elites
  • The guitar controllers -is there any interoperability or are they all only compatible with what comes in the box?
  • I dont think i need a harddrive but i could be wrong. (these will never be used for anything but 1 or 2 games and will probably never see any paid DLC)
  • Any Controllers must be wireless (because i dont want 20 foot of controller cords for each player)
  • Component output (RGBLR) will be needed -no HDMI needed
  • Does RB/GH require a controller or can the guitar/drums/mic be the only controller on 1 system and i use both controllers on the XBOX for 2P games like SFIV

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to start with, people will want to play songs they know, both games have a fair variety so its up to you. More people seem to like guitar hero as it was here first. both have controllers that will break if overhandled, and i have heard people say that guitar hero has less response problems.

Xbox pro would be better, but if u really want to save, get an arcade.

GH3 controllers will work on world tour and metallica, i wouldnt be to sure further down the path though, and world tour was the first GH to have more than just the guitar.

Usualy you will need a controller to use the mic on GH, bear this in mind when thinking how many you will need (im guessing about 4).

Im pretty sure that you get both ordinary video and component inputs on xbox, i would check if i were you however, just to make sure.

you will only need a standard controller with GH to use the mic, other than this the drums and guitar are stand alone controllers, they dont need an xbox controller to work.

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Note that on any system, there's going to be a delay - it'll be made worse with a projection, so make sure you use the wizards at the beginning of the game (at least in RB, I'm not familiar with GH) to calibrate the controller/instruments, otherwise it'll be bad. As to controllers, again I can't speak to GH (but I think it's safe to assume they are the same), but controllers that work for RB are wireless. They're also not specific to the version of RB either - v1 instruments work with v2, and vice-versa. I do believe it requires a hard disk though, so that would mean you'd have to buy an Arcade and a HDD, or just get a Pro system.

I'm partial to the Beatles Rock Band game currently, as it's a blast and the music is nostalgic (and still good), but you'll know your audience better than I will - I haven't been on a college campus in over 15 years and I don't know any college-age kids either.

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calibrate the controller/instruments, otherwise it'll be bad

OMG I just had NHL 95 flashbacks!


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