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Help with setting up TOSHIBA E-165 SERIES


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Hello and excuse me for the dumb question.

I have to set up scanning via the network for a shared TOSHIBA E-165 SERIES machine. In the moment only printing via the network is available. I downloaded the necessary driver from TOSHIBA.COM (there is no disk :() but it only installs a printer. How to add a scanner? In the Scanners&Cameras menu in Windows XP there is an option for adding a scanner, but TOSHIBA machines are not on the list - apparently XP does not have the required driver.

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I've never seen a scanner be shared on a network but I presume there must be some that can but not by software. When you read the sales talk for that machine this is what pops up: "Incorporating A3 local TWAIN scanning"...

I'll better move this to the network section ;).

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my printer is hooked up via wireless to my network and its software allows for network scanning.

does your printer not have any specific network installation software?

At the moment via-the-network printing is installed. That's all that the drivers from the official site provide as far as I can see. There is some gadget or something on the back of the printer near the ethernet port (it is not my printer) that I hear has something to do with the via-the-network scanning as it is bought apart for this specific purpose. :blink::unsure:

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