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Hi, im looking for some decent content filter / web proxy software for my network at work.

We had nothing in place till recently, when i inplemented CCProxy. its pretty basic but does the job well. However i want to filter by USERS and not machines.

CCProxy is supposed to do this but it doesent do a very good job of it (hey what do you expect for $60, right?) - users have to sign into IE evertime they start it using their domain username/password.

I want to be able to block certain users or restrict them on the internet no matter what terminal they go sit at.

yeah i could do this with a hosts file, but that will affect anyone on the machine.

Do any of you know any decent content filter software / proxy that i could use on my network. as you might find at your average school or workplace?

Just looking for suggestions at the minute, i have so far looked at:

Squid (waaaaay over complicated and a PITA to setup by the look)

Wingate (ok i guess, but you have to install software on the clients, which doesent seem too stable, program shows in sys tray even if you tell it not to also)

CCProxy (best so far, but pretty basic. great if you just want to filter by machine ID though - but i need to block and log accurately what users are doing)

Cheers guys :)

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First off, you're evil. :P

Second, my high school used to use Websense and it worked pretty well for what they wanted to do (and they were able to create a profile for me with special unfiltered privileges). :D

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