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Well, this is one of the failure modes of Crt's electronics, yes. Others being colours going crazy, lost sync, bad vertical or horizontal extension, and a few more.

You may first check if you've a magnet near to the screen, possibly within a device like a loudspeaker.

These failure modes don't exist on Lcd, but I'm confident we'll learn other ones over time.

A Crt can be repaired, either by replacing whole assemblies if you find another broken Crt of the same model, or by replacing the broken component... But this knowledge has vanished, and such a repair consumes time.

There's another solution though, if you live in a densely populated area: have a look at eBay. There you find used Crt dirt-cheap, like 20 usd. Often very nice ones, like 21" or 22", with the better 4:3 fornat and 1600*1200 pixels that accommodates a full paper sheet, and colours nicer than on an Lcd. Perfect for a deep desk and a fast-transmitting Vga card.

Sellers usually don't ship Crt, so living in or near a city is better. And as Crt do fail over time, it's wise to ask (before buying...) the seller for a demo before paying the item.

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