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Can there be Setup modification project? like 98Lite?

PreSetup modification  

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  1. 1. Should there be nLite-like project to integrate/modify/update (official/unofficial files) into setup files?

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    • No

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Agreed. There was no such patch.

Well, I don't use Windows 95 OSR2.x but I do use the shell32.dll 4.00.1112 (From Windows 95 OSR2.x) under Win98SE, and it still mis-calculates the file sizes that are greater than 4GB....(The file size would wrap round at 4GB, hence this shows that MS had only made the SHELL32.DLL to use 32-bits)

I have no official OSR2 shell to test, but I maintain that the >4GB display problem goes away when I use the patched 95B shell. Did you try it?

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I have no official OSR2 shell to test, but I maintain that the >4GB display problem goes away when I use the patched 95B shell. Did you try it?

I think you misunderstood which dialog we were talking about. The 4GB display problem is not on the disk properties dialog (Which was fixed in 95B, but not the pie chart), but only occurs when you try to view the properties of a file>4GB(Not possible under Windows9x without using NTFS), or viewing >4GB worth of files.

The file sizes would "Wrap around" when it exceeds 4GB.

Also, I have used the patch uploaded by controller before (From Windows 95B QFE), and the problem was still there...

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...little silly problems such as the inability to properly size large directories...

I misunderstood. I rarely deal with such files; I view hdd free space a lot more often.

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When i talked about INF, I was hoping W98 setup would search for INFs (ICH7) at that detection moment (since right now, after setup reboots, I manually put those in INF folder)

There is a way to make it do this, but it's very poorly documented. "custom.inf", like msbatch.inf, is a "special" filename - if it exists in the setup directory, setup will automatically load it and copy the files it names to the locations it specifies.

custom.inf is designed for OEMs to preinstall drivers for hardware in the systems they make. It's been a while since I had to do stuff with it, but IIRC, it has two operative sections - the first, [Custom_Precopy], copies files to the temporary setup directory during the precopy phase; this guarantees that the driver infs will be seen during the initial hardware detection phase of setup. The second is a standard [baseWinOptions] section that can be used to copy files to the inf directory during the regular file copy phase (so the infs will be seen after the first reboot).

here's a skeleton custom.inf (nicked from intel's installer for my motherboard's chipset), with my annotations


; 2 is the temporary setup directory where the contents of precopy*.cab get expanded to before the actual filecopy phase starts. 17 is the normal inf folder.
PreCopyFiles=2 ; Windows temp setup directory
PreCatCopyFiles=2 ; Windows temp setup directory
InfCopyFiles=17 ; Windows \inf directory
CatCopyFiles=10,CATROOT ; Windows \CATROOT directory

;this section is automatically loaded and the copyfiles sections named in it are executed during the precopy phase.
; normally it's used to copy driver infs to the temporary setup directory
; since the registry doesn't exist during the precopy phase of setup, I doubt you can do much of anything else with it


;I don't know if you have to segregate cats from Infs like this unless you work for Intel
;I usually just delete the cat files and comment out references to them.

; I have played with this section a little - you can use it to copy any files anywhere, not just infs.
; I haven't tried putting an "addreg" section here, since msbatch.inf works just fine for doing addreg stuff.




;I once tried compressing the driver infs into a cab. I ran into problems,
;but I think it was because I had made a mistake somewhere.
1="Intel Chipset", "", 0


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