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3 simple questions

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1) In the "how tos" document, located in the Docs folder of WinSetupFromUSB it says "If you are installing windows different than XP SP2 or SP3, some of the compressed files in ~LS\I386 or AMD64 folder will be deleted during Text mode of setup." however the ReadMe file says the opposite, namely "!!!If your source is NOT Windows XP2 SP2, some of the compressed files in ~LS folder will be deleted during the first part(Text mode). To make another install from this disk you have to copy the missing files, use the program for this purpose and follow the prompts when it finds existing setup folders.!!!"

I'm installing XP SP3, do I need to copy the missing files or not?

2) When the process have finished you get a message that says "This is important!

What does this mean? What am I supposed to do exactly and how?

3) The source I want to install does have the "Operating System Options-->Manual Install and Upgrade for removal" selected.

What does this option do? Is it possible to install this source from USB even if it is selected? If not would it cause any problems if I myself resourced the edition with this option unselected, like perhaps unstability and crashes?

Grateful for your answers, wonderful program and thanks to the creator/contributors!


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1) XP SP3 is fine too, no files will be deleted. I thought I had corrected readme.txt...


Keep the USB disk plugged in AND start from USB 2 times- Text mode and GUI mode parts. When the GUI mode (the graphical part) is completed you should be safe to start from internal disk.
Sorry, I don't know how to explain it any better in short. Which part you do not understand?

To perform Setup you start from USB, do the first part (Text mode), where you select partitions etc., then reboot, start from USB again and do the second part (GUI mode). USB stick stays plugged in all the time. Do NOT remove it after first part and DO start from it for the second part as well.

In versions prior to 0.2.0 you had to start third time from USB- to start Windows for a first time.

3) The nLite option mentioned removes a couple of files (\I386\usetup.exe and \I386\ntdll.dll), depending on nLite version, which are needed when installing from hard disk like media, this includes USB disk.

Without these files Text mode cannot start. They are needed only to start the setup, without them you will get BSOD, and do not play role when installing from a CD.

If you have the option already applied, look here for possible workaround:


If files are missing you may get them from a similar XP source and copy them to the destination mentioned.

WinSetupFromUSB may detect the option had been applied and refuse to accept such source. To "trick" it, simply create a blank file called winnt32.exe in \I386 folder in your source, prepare the stick and then copy manually the files mentioned to the USB stick.

Is it any clearer now?

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Everything is clear now,thanks!

I thought the important message meant that you were supposed to do something additionally with the program and not instructions about when installing xp.

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