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Resourcer 0.8.8


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There's a pretty serious race condition in the loading of the list view in the 0.8.7 release; I've fixed it in today's 0.8.8 release. I've also taken the opportunity to finally fix some things up:


  • Fixed an unhandled exception where loading the list view (the thumbnails and icons) would cause an ArgumentOutOfRangeException. This is caused by a race condition with the ImageList component. The fix does mean the list loads about 5-10% slower than usual, but this is hardly a big deal. In future I'll rework the mechanism to restore full speed.
  • Menus and Dialogs changes
    • MenuEx structures are now interpreted correctly, meaning an end to caption strings missing a few characters
    • Dialogs are now displayed with the native dialog display libraries. HOWEVER they only seem to work for a few seconds before locking up and freezing the whole application. This probably has something to do with not handling the DialogProc correctly. I'll fix this in time for 0.9
    • The tree view and property grid now shows things and works... to an extent. I haven't properly tested it though.

    [*]Resource casting now works: if Resourcer does not correctly identify a given resource you can cast it to the appropriate one. This feature is largely redundant since it gets it right 99.9% of the time, so it's only really useful when working with badly authored files

Download it at http://anolis.codeplex.com/Release/Project...ReleaseId=27687

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===== Post Nº1 =====

Hi mate,

I'm yet to test the commandline usage of this and was about to start using it.

Can you drop a hint of what I need to use?



===== Post Nº2 =====

Ok, this works..

Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:1 -lang:1033 -file:"14-1-1033.ico"

Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:2 -lang:1033 -file:"14-2-1033.ico"

Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:3 -lang:1033 -file:"14-3-1033.ico"

Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:7 -lang:1033 -file:"14-7-1033.ico"

Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:8 -lang:1033 -file:"14-8-1033.ico"

Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:9 -lang:1033 -file:"14-9-1033.ico"

Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:13 -lang:1033 -file:"14-13-1033.ico"

Resourcer.exe -op:upd -src:7z64n.dll -type:ICONGROUP -name:14 -lang:1033 -file:"14-14-1033.ico"

but I cannot get the "0" resource (the first one in the file) to update using commandline.

also, this 'upd' command is different to the 'replace' one in the app.

the upd command adds my icons alongside the current ones, if you use the Replace manually within the program, it removes the current ones whilst it's doing it.

shall I host the files so you can see what i mean..

edit1, doing a 'del' then an 'add' command gives the same results as the manual replace option, so this is a workaround for now

w3bbo, i've made an archive file containing the files I'm working with, and a quick readme..


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Where can I find command line usage switches?

Cheers ;)

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. Great tool, btw. Hope you can make it even better. :)

EDIT2: I have one feature request if possible: Ability to export/import/replace/update using GUI and command line a RC file, like Resource Hacker can do. This would make much easier to automate some tasks of editing resources, usign AutoIt for example. Since ResHacker does not work on 64-bit systems, this would be great. Thanks.

Cheers ;)

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