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Comparison of Vista SP2 and Windows 7


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Anyone has been able to dual boot and compare Vista SP2 with Windows 7 RC, in terms of boot time, speed, stability, responsiveness, etc.

I'm curious if SP2 brings the same improvements as Windows 7 has been so far.

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Yes, i have Vista SP2 x64 and windows 7 RC x64 dual boot. Trust me, Vista SP2 does not bring any performance improvements (maybe just a slight overall speed increase, but i have not noticed anything).

Vista SP2 is just all the vista post SP1 updates with few extra features microsoft added, eg windows search 4.0 (which am sure you already know)

I have been switching between vista and windows 7 on my dual boot, and for me, windows 7 is more snappier faster, and boot time is also faster with windows 7.

I really thought Vista SP2 would improve the performance of Vista by a large margin, but so far it has disappoint me in terms of performance. Overall stability and reliability wise, its great!

Am sticking with windows 7 RC as my main OS for the time being

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Wouldnt be suprised if more people say the same thing "Vista SP2 did not bring hardly any performance improvement"

IMO, Vista was a mistake from microsoft, and soon as windows7 releases, vista will be history. Although i hardly had any problems with vista since SP1.

Windows 7 is really shaping up to be a very good OS, but still there a few flaws, which am sure microsoft will fix before RTM.

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IMO, Vista was a mistake from microsoft

In what respect was vista a mistake?

All of the features that vista brought to the desktop operating system arena, low level innovations that vista brought to the windows Kernel... Guess what Windows 7 has them too, except it has evolved one step further.


Vista = WIN

Win 7 = WIN + 1


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There really aint really a comparison between vista and windows 7 Windows 7 rocks it blows vista out of the water it will make everybody forget about vista which is a good thing vista sucks eggs

I am dual booting vista and windows 7 and i gotta tell ya windows 7 is soooooooooooooooooooo much faster and snappier realiable stable than vista it takes forever to boot vista and takes only a few seconds to boot windows 7

I love windows 7 :thumbup

way to go microsoft

i am planning on installing windows 7 on as many of my pcs as i can it is so much better than xp and vista combined vista can get sucked into a black hole for all i care i hate vista

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I checked the release notes for SP2 since the begining and I knew that I won't need to test it because it is just some new features. I'm using 7 as a main OS and only minors problem so far that i can deal with.

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