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[Release] CCleaner Slim 4.09.4471 - AddOn + SFX + Maker


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CCleaner slim (without adware)
- Stock installer repacked with commands to make it silent.
- AddOn compatible with nLite and RVMi.
- SFX compatible with WinToolkit and RVMi.
- Compatible XP-Vista-7-8 32/64 bits.
- Detect your language and configure CCleaner automatically. (Thanks to gora, ricktendo and bphlpt)
- Desktop Icon removed.

Size: 3,47 MB
MD5: 9204263cbb39ce92ea80acb56d0602b7
CCleaner_Slim_4.09.4471 Intl_AddOn.rar

Silent Installer:
Size: 3,47 MB
MD5: f15e2825646629001c7825374fdad11b

Size: 1.05 MB
MD5: b485d3c2ce0f36a605ff365b69ff0618

How to use:

Run CCleaner_Slim_online.cmd and the maker will download the slim installer of CCleaner and create a silent installer with commands to install it in the language of the operating system and an AddOn for RVMi/nLite in the output folder:


Because the slim installer is available a few days after the release of a new CCleaner version,
you can also manually download the (slim or standard) installer and put it in ccsetup folder, then run CCleaner_local.cmd
The maker will automatically name the SFX & AddOn 'Slim" or "Standard" based on the file size.


Be aware that the standard setup will install Chrome silently along with CCleaner if you have an active internet connection when executed !
The maker will warn you about this if it detect the standard installer.

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