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I want to backup my entire C: drive by creating Vista Recovery DVDs using Windows Complete PC Backup as it is the system drive and place which stores all my programs.

I want to ask, will my files on other drives (D, E, F) lost after recovering Vista from the Recovery DVDs?

I have never used Vista Recovery DVDs before. so I don't understand how Recovery technically works (does it format C and then reinstall from the DVDs?).

If I added files to C drive after the creation Recovery DVDs, will these unbackuped files lost after recovering from the Recovery DVDs?

If you feel lazy to answer so many questions, just answer the first. It already helps a lot. Thanks!

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they should not be lost unless for some reason you choose to format those drives. If you only re-install Vista on your C: drive, then the files on other drives should remain untouched.

I'm not sure how the recovery DVDs are created as to whether or not they format the drive or just reinstall Vista on top of the existing installation. hopefully someone else can answer that. If a file is not backed up and the drive the file is stored on is formatted, then the file would be lost.

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Yes, I know that files will be lost when its drive is formatted.

I think that Recovery DVDs are able to recognize and replace the Windows from which was created.

If it works in this way, this means that the same Recovery DVDs cant be used to install twice (dual-Windows)

on the same drive or maybe on the same computer.

My question was, if I used Recovery DVDs that backed up C: only, will files on other drives be lost?

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If they are separate physical disks and not partitions, and you are concerned or unsure, you could just disconnect them before your recovery process. I recently ran a repair install/upgrade on my home computer and I had done this and everything turned out ok.

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