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add registry load for current Dec 2008 timezones


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Since Windows 2K is not supported by MSoft anymore and they won't provide the latest version of KB955839_enu either unless one

pays $4k per year for extended support, I'm wondering if this windows 2K update list site can provide for download the register fixes

so that one can update w2K for the latest time zones.

See this weblink


a). Thus to get this registry fix for windows 2K (sp4) one downloads and installs

KB955839_enu.exe (for x32) on a friends PC that has windows XP (sp1,sp2,sp3)

b ). Then go to this registry key in windows xp and export the timezone database to TZDatabase_KB955839_enu.reg

and that the name of the exported registry entry corresponds to the current KB article that updates the MSoft OS' with

timezone fixes. Note: if timezone updates occur in the future, then a new KB # would be specified to identify which

time zone fix it is. For other world languages, something similar for 'enu' can be done. Perhaps others can specify those

steps. :)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones

c). Then one edits this file in notepad to add to the beginning of the file, the following and then resaves the registry file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones]

d). Although the second subkey specifies saving the current timezone info one has set, it isn't important since during

Windows 2K install, the user will be prompted for the timezone selection or if unattended settings have already been set,

the OS will be configured with the proper settings with the above TimeZone database update. The only question is that

during the update of Win 2K during the install, the unattended timezone setup may occur before the Timezone database

had a chance to load and update the registry (I think). I'm not sure right now if the unattended setup will be properly

setup due to the Timezone database update being done later. (others may correct me here).

The second location for time zone information is the following registry subkey:


e). Copy the modified registry file in step ( C ) above and put it in the directory of the Windows 2K install disk that is

used for unattended setups. Some of the commands to update the registry during install are below.

regedit /s TZDatabase_KB955839_enu.reg


reg IMPORT TZDatabase_KB955839_enu.reg

f). I wonder if this MSFN Win2K discussion area can provide a download link to a modified Timezone registry file following the steps above

and list it with the rest of the fixes so that one doesn't have to pay $4k to MSoft and because not everyone has a friend with Windows XP

or VISTA or Win 7 etc to be able to get this time zone fix.

g). Others, can provide the steps for x64 bit or the fixes for win 2k3 server x32/x64


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