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[Xp SP2 on Dell Cd recovery]


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I have a cd recovery of a Dell laptop and I need to delete all of the additional software and customization that came with a new installation.

I know that there are some folder named Dell_something (in the main root of the cd) and I just deleted them, but in the i386 folder there are other files (zip, and other) that seems to be resources added from Dell (I guess, homepage of IE and other stuff).

How can I remove them in totally safety?

Thanx a lot,


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DADOZ83, good question. I suggest you are going to have to play. I hope you are using a virtual system, such as VirtualPC, VirtualBox, or VMware Server - all free. If you will look in a folder called SUPPORT, you will find a file called DEPLOY.CAB. Expand it (I use 7-Zip, but you can use expand command in command prompt), and you will find two .chm files. These are help files for unattended/customized installs. They can help you find the entries that are causing the Dell files to be loaded. Good luck, John.

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And/or check these:



Where you may find some ideas/tricks for the opposite thing.

And also have a look at this:


(again NOT what you asked for, but something that may be used as reference)


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