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WPI page jump bug


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I always use the newest WPI version. I have found this bug around v7.0.0.

My WPI config have 130-140 items (2 pages in 1280x1024). When I run the WPI on a brand new XP SP3 machine (all hotfix installed) and the resolution is 800x600 the the WPI always jump back to the first page after a few seconds. I didn't see this bug in 640x480 mode, but rarely in higher resolution.

I copy the config.js from the previous version, but everything else is new. I always use the Tango theme.

Any idea what cause this jump? It's very annoying.

Another small bug:

I configured several dependences and since 7.2.0 one of them isn't grayed in default.

Both of them is unchecked in default. 'B' selectable if 'A' is checked else B is grayed but it isn't (everything else is gray only one). When I select-deselect A once then B became gray.


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