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Norway declares war against IE6

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Norway has declared war against IE6. Norwegian web-developers has united and says that it's unneccesary to have to write the same webpage two times, one for IE6 and one for the rest of the browsers. Most norwegian webpages (including the biggest newspapers such as vg.no, db.no, fvn.no, itavisen.no). The rest of the world is joining the "war" as well. Microsoft has joined the campaign as well!!

See this wiki for a list and wired.com for the reference article

Sources also includes the above-mentioned norwegian newspapers but it's not too relevant due to most people here speaking english :-)


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Good. Good. I agree. The sooner that campaign makes it to the UK the better.

A few years ago I complained to my ISP about their help pages. They had never heard of Firefox, never mind any of the others....

On the other hand, if you run Microsoft MBSA against a copy of Microsoft Windows XP with IE6 installed, it complains about the missing IE7 as a serious security risk.


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And I will stick to using ie6.0sp1 because I will stick to W2k. So if someone can't write proper code for ie6, I won't read him.

I also have Firefox, but many sites don't display properly on Firefox.

As supposedly these programmers who can't write pages properly for Firefox (which means shortly: write pages properly, as Firefox sticks to standards better than ie does) are the same ones who have troubles with ie6, I guess Firefox won't improve reading these pages if ie6 can't.

Anyway, why write several versions of the pages? Write them for ie6, they shall display on later editions as well.

The very one single annoyance with web pages presently is that they transmit too slowly for being way too heavy. Adding fashionable whistles and bangs won't improve that, will it?

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I know lots of people who just CAN'T use newer version than 6. Like my father. He is that kind of user who forgets how to send an email with an attachment if he doesn't do so for a week. He calls me that the f*cking PC stopped working and swears he doesn't know how it happened. He has a habit of pressing buttons or clicking on stuff without noticing... These people will NEVER manage to get used to the completely different interface of IE7 or anything. So I think this is a bad idea in a way :)

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