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Is there a trojan in XPize. My Norton 360 v2 has just detected windll.dll and xpize_logon.exe as this trojan. I have restored it but does anyone know about this problem? By the way, XPize is awesome!


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Sorry to disappoint, but no.... unless you downloaded xpize from another source. In future always download straight from our website and not any other sites.

Norton has gotten surprisingly trigger-happy lately, as have a few other AV programs. xpize's installation program works in a very similar way to how many viruses and other malware install themselves, so I don't blame Norton for thinking xpize is itself a piece of malware.

The files it picked up were false positives, it's safe to restore the files it flagged.

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assuming you got XPize from an official source it is clean.

though I dont advocate running without antivirus, it used to be that norton was at least 'better than nothing' sadly, not even that is true. for i now have conclusive proof that running no antivirus is better than running norton antivirus, not only that is posting a sign on your case stating 'keep out' is also proven to be more effective than norton :P

no but seriously norton is crap. it falsely detects a lot of legit utilities as viruses: hijackthis, ipscan, and apparently now xpize. its as if no one verifies anything submitted as viruses before they turn the report into a definition.

A typical conversation at Nortons labs:

"Hey boss I found a whole bunch of exe files on this infected system!"

"Do they say Microsoft or Norton on them?"

"No. what should we do?"

"Push them out in the next definition update! those kind of files are dangerous!"

P.S. if anyone at Norton is reading this: did you know that 100% of infected windows systems contain the file explorer.exe? Its true. you should add that to your def updates too.

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