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FireFox freeze


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My firefox is freezing on my computer Windows XP, and i have to close the task in taskmanager or else i cant start it up again :(

Can someone help me? i think its something with my OS.

And i cant install IE8 either, and IE doesn't start anymore after i tried to install IE8...

Can someone write a .bat script that close the ff task?

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Windows Professional, SP2

And it was the IE8 for that OS, got it from Techpowerup.

I cant open IE8 cuz som problem , but i can open FF, but it will freeze quite often.

And its the latest version of FF,

The amount of RAM I'm not so sure but i think its 1GB

Free HDD space is 30GB of 60 GB (Laptop) thats why so little..

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well just to check i would boot into safe mode w/ networking and browse around in there for a bit and see if it hangs up. also i would run a ram test with something like memtest or what not. just out of being a tech at work and seeing alot of old computers i tend to blame malware/ram for weird problems before anything else haha

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I would say it sounds like you have some kind of malware on the system but if you want a batch file to kill the process just copy the following into a text document and save it as whatever.bat:

@echo off
echo This will kill the firefox process
taskkill /im firefox.exe

the echo and pause bits are just a safeguard to stop you accidentally closing it so take them out if you wish.

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