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.MAG files and "Hide Extensions for Known File Types"


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It appears that files with ".MAG" as their extension have their extensions hidden in Windows Explorer regardless of the state of the "Hide Extensions for Known File Types" preference in Folder Options.

These files are described as "Microsoft Office Access Diagram Shortcuts."

Why does this happen and how do I stop it happening?

(Honestly, after five years as a programmer, I have NEVER used an Office Access diagram and NEVER wanted to make a shortcut to one, either.)

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Just remove the NeverShowExt REG_SZ value located in the registry at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Access.Shortcut.Diagram.1

Or run the following piece of script:

reg delete "HKCR\Access.Shortcut.Diagram.1" /v "NeverShowExt" /f

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