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  1. Just remove the NeverShowExt REG_SZ value located in the registry at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Access.Shortcut.Diagram.1 Or run the following piece of script: reg delete "HKCR\Access.Shortcut.Diagram.1" /v "NeverShowExt" /f
  2. Hi there, Thank's for this great tool. I'm currently trying to put some changes in my files HIVExxx.inf in i386 of an XP SP3 install CD. Without success because those files are in UNICODE. I'm trying to do some changes like: fedit -add -f "HIVEDEF.INF" -s "AddReg" -l "HKCU,\"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\",\"StartMenuAdminTools\",0x00000000,\"YES\"" -once fedit -add -f "HIVEDEF.INF" -s "AddReg" -l "HKCU,\"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\",\"Hidden\",0x00010001,0x00000001" -once fedit -add -f "HIVEDEF.INF" -s "AddReg" -l "HKCU,\"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\",\"ShowCompColor\",0x00010001,0x00000001" -once Doing it on UNICODE file results in an unreadable file as result. While converting *.INF files to ANSI before doing changes with fedit gave me the awaited result. If you do not plan to integrate support for UNICODE in your tool, there is a workaround. Just convert the file to ANSI before the change. I did it with StringConverter. This free command-line tool can be found at this address Thank's again ! Myrmex
  3. Regarding key's import, there is a commandline tool in the installation folder called avp.com (not the exe one). The command seems running fine for a silent import of an existing key. avp addkey kav6.key
  4. I suppose Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition. But at least he has to specify the version 8, 9 or 10 ?
  5. The last version of the setup.exe and setuprsc.dll provided by Firefox 1.01 helps installing other mozilla products silently: - Get Firefox 1.01 - Decompress it with WinRAR. - Edit the config.ini file and set the first uncommented line: Run Mode=Silent - By running setup.exe, Firefox will install now silently but you already know it ... The good news here is that we can do the same with Thunderbird 1.0 and Sunbird 0.2. Following the same extraction way, just overwrite the setup.exe and setuprsc.dll with the ones from Firefox 1.01 - and after modifying the config.ini, you will get a silent install of Thunderbird and Sunbird.

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