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This is the project I asked about before. They are all freeware and widely distributed on the internet. Furthermore, all of them came as .scr, not executable installers. This is version 1.0, containing 20 screensavers and the installer is 9 MB. I'm including 3 versions - just a plain installer, an automated silent installer, and an nLite cab addon.


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When you install it, go to Start > All Programs > FusionSolid Screensaver Compilation > Credits. Each screensaver is listed and when you click on the name, it will take you to the creator's website.

I made two of the screensavers, by the way, so that's why FractalBox and Tunnel take you to my website.

This is just the first version. I hope to continue adding more to it and expanding the credits and everything.

However, if you want a list of the websites, here goes:

http://www.joejoe.org/forum/ (Aurora, Bubbles, Ribbons, Mystify)

http://www.reallyslick.com/ (Cyclone, Euphoria, Field Lines, Flocks, Flux, Heilos, Hyperspace, Lattice, Plasma, Skyrocket, Solarwinds)

http://www.screensaverfx.com/ (Fantastic Fish)

http://www.maddogsw.com/ (Flurry)

http://www.fusionsolid.com (FractalBox, Tunnel)

http://sourceforge.net/projects/matrix32/ (Matrix Reality)

BTW, since I used so many from reallyslick.com, I emailed the author directly and he gave me permission to use all of his screensavers.

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aurora, bubbles, and ribbons ar microsoft property and can be distributed with Windows Vista only

1.b Respect the requests of companies who do not permit redistribution of their products without express permission - including unmodified hotfix/feature pack packages. Download sources for official software should be from the vendor directly where possible. Posts made containing this type of content may be removed immediately without warning, and offenders may be banned on first violation.


links removed. topic closed.

as for the rest you should give credit where credit is due


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