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  1. That is a good point. I have directly integrated files into an XP CD before. However, I can think of two reasons why this project would be beneficial: 1) it is much easier to add an addon with nLite; and 2) you have a great compression ratio with this installer. However, the thread where I posted my screensaver pack is now locked because I did not realize that four of the screensavers were ported from Vista. I was unaware of this fact because I have barely even used Vista (I only played around with it for less than an hour and I was not impressed). I found those screensavers on a freeware website and the link to the 'creator' was to joejoe.org. Anyways, I walk away from this with a good bit more knowledge on how to create Inno Setup installers with selectable components, which I couldn't do before. I'm glad I learned this skill because I think it will help me make better installers in the future. That's all I have to say. Peace.
  2. The installer (NSIS based) uses a /S silent switch. However, it give an error message "Silent installation is currently not supported.". Therefore, it can't be done without re-compiling the installer.
  3. When you install it, go to Start > All Programs > FusionSolid Screensaver Compilation > Credits. Each screensaver is listed and when you click on the name, it will take you to the creator's website. I made two of the screensavers, by the way, so that's why FractalBox and Tunnel take you to my website. This is just the first version. I hope to continue adding more to it and expanding the credits and everything. However, if you want a list of the websites, here goes: http://www.joejoe.org/forum/ (Aurora, Bubbles, Ribbons, Mystify) http://www.reallyslick.com/ (Cyclone, Euphoria, Field Lines, Flocks, Flux, Heilos, Hyperspace, Lattice, Plasma, Skyrocket, Solarwinds) http://www.screensaverfx.com/ (Fantastic Fish) http://www.maddogsw.com/ (Flurry) http://www.fusionsolid.com (FractalBox, Tunnel) http://sourceforge.net/projects/matrix32/ (Matrix Reality) BTW, since I used so many from reallyslick.com, I emailed the author directly and he gave me permission to use all of his screensavers.
  4. This is the project I asked about before. They are all freeware and widely distributed on the internet. Furthermore, all of them came as .scr, not executable installers. This is version 1.0, containing 20 screensavers and the installer is 9 MB. I'm including 3 versions - just a plain installer, an automated silent installer, and an nLite cab addon. Screenshots
  5. I'm glad at least someone wanted this. I ran across this software about 3 weeks ago. I made the unattended installer for the fun of it and wanted to upload it then, but I couldn't remember my password to MSFN Forums. Thus, I couldn't upload it then. Well, I was lazy and only got around to recovering the password until yesterday. So, although you requested it first (and I just recently realized that you did), I was going to upload it even before that. Anyways, I tested it out on a virtual machine install and it worked perfect. And it does look like a promising software. Nice features and functionality, especially for a first release.
  6. I see the big "last warning" banner above talking about not posting anything not appropriate. I don't want to cause trouble, so I want to ask to make sure. I have found quite a few nice freeware screensavers from www.freewarefiles.com that are just .scr screensavers - no installer. Can I compile them into one installer to make them for an nLite addon? I can post their origins so people can verify they are freeware and give credit to the authors. And I'm not decompiling anything. I just want to group them together. Would that abide by the rules?
  7. I'm not sure if there will be a big demand for it, but this little bugger was a little challenging - and I like the challenge. Description from their website: Download as silent installer Download as nLite addon File size: 26MB each http://www.cheatbook.de/
  8. Looks like you will be able to make it easily with the help of this website: http://maaruthi.wordpress.com/2008/04/03/d...-installations/
  9. Did you name the 7z archive 8 characters or less? Also, I would shorten the name of the .msi file, too and take out the periods. http://www.msfn.org/board/7-Zip-Switchless...ler-t39048.html
  10. This is their version from May 2008. It is freeware. Future versions will cost $. Download: UltimateDefrag as an unattended installer UltimateDefrag as an nLite addon
  11. NLite is the way to go. First, copy all the files from your XP CD to a folder on your hard drive (I usually call it XP). Then when you run nLite, point to the XP folder. Once you have nLite installed, it is so easy to use, you almost won't need any instructions. The one thing I tripped up on the first time I used it was I wasn't selecting components, so it skipped right past them. Here's where to select components: Also, you need to burn the ISO file correctly. The easiest way to do that is with ISOBurner. http://www.ntfs.com/iso_burner_free.htm And another thing, to get the disc to autorun while booting up, you have to make sure that the CDROM is the first boot device in your BIOS.
  12. That's exactly what I was going to suggest. Go to the website of your motherboard's manufacturer. Just make sure you get the right bios or you may corrupt the system. Also remember that you will lose all your settings in the bios, so you may want to take note of your current settings.
  13. http://www.pctools.com/guides/registry/detail/1097/
  14. I think this may be something you will find useful: http://www.msfn.org/board/SFXMaker-10-Beta...l=winrar+silent
  15. OK, I barely know how to make a multi-boot disc (but I have done it). I know nothing about Linux except it saved me recently by being able to read a hard drive that nothing by MS could read. So, I want to put Slax on my "rescue DVD". The XP installer starts up correctly but Slax gives me the error: "Image checksum error, sorry". Is there any way around this? BTW: I made my bootable image with MagicISO, if that is any help.
  16. Ahh... I was missing something! Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a shot now...
  17. I only changed a few icons in my shell32.dll and everything worked perfectly except the My computer icon is still default. And it's not the icon cache because I cabbed it and replaced it on my XP install CD and installed a fresh copy in VM Ware. I used Resource Tuner to edit resources 115-126, to be exact. I edited the other icons the exact same way. Everything works except that one. Is there something I'm missing? Is the My Computer icon in any other .dlls or something?
  18. It sounds like this is what you want to do: http://www.msfn.org/board/Pin_Start_Menu_Solved_t40866.html Then you can add the registry on guirunonce (might work at T13, but I'm not sure)
  19. I want to create a small program of a pre-defined database of startup programs that slow down your computer. This program will stop bad software from starting immediately when you boot up your computer. Of course, if you need to use the program, you can start it manually. What kind of things, you may ask? How about Quicktime, Realmedia, CoolWebSearch, Bonzai Buddy, Zango, software updaters, instant messengers, printer tray icons, video card tray icons, any program that is spyware, adware, maybe even viruses or keyloggers. These are the things that make your computer slow! Who am I looking for? Anyone who works on slow, spyware/adware/virus infested computers. Or if your own computer is like that. I don't need this from computers that run well. This project is to help fix slow computers. This will be freeware, so no money will be involved. I will research everything I receive to make sure that disabling anything won't mess up good software. I know not to disable any AOL, keyboard hotkey, reminder software, some sound/video apps, or fax software. When I eventually upload my final product, I will list everything that will be disabled. Also, anyone who helps me with this project will get credit for their help (if they want - if you do not want credit, just say so). I made a batch file that will export 2 or 3 parts of your registry (depending on if they have any data). First part will be what starts up on your current user ID. Second part will export what starts up for all users. Third part exports the services that start for the current user. Feel free to examine the batch file and the files it creates. You will see that no personal information will be in there. Only a list of startup apps or services. What the batch files will do is create 2 or 3 files in the C: drive [go to My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > and find files called output1, output2, and output3 (some of them may not exist)]. Depending on how your computer is configured, the files may show up as output1.reg, output2.reg, and output3.reg). When you have the 2 (or 3) registry files, email them to me at speedupourcomputers@yahoo.com. Thanks to anyone who helps! export_startup_items.zip
  20. I can help get you started, but I don't know how to everything you want. Well, this is for hacking the actual run box built into Windows. If this is a route you may want to consider. 1. Get Resource Hacker (aka ResHacker). Take the Shell32.dll file from the System32 folder and open it with ResHacker. 2. Expand 'Dialog' then expand the '1003' folder. Click on the icon that looks like a flower and you will see the run dialog box appear. 3. Edit it the way you want. Right click and delete the things you don't want. Move the 'OK' box next to the box you type in (like you have it on your screenshot). 4. To get rid of the title bar, right click in the box area and go to 'Edit Dialog'. Toward the bottom there are a few thing highlighted in yellow. Find the one called 'WS_CAPTION'. Click it to un-yellow it. Say goodbye to the titlebar. That will get it pretty much looking like you want. Things not fixed yet: 1. The 'OK' box is not a cool red box with an arrow. 2. The run box closes after you run something. Maybe some other MSFN patron will help you fix those two things. Also, I don't know how to call up the box, either. But once you find out, all you have to do is put it in the '%userprofile%/Start Menu\Programs\Startup' folder. That will make it start when Windows starts. More thoughts... Windows File Protection probably won't let you replace it. You will have to disable WFP or integrate the new Shell32.dll in to the XP CD before installing XP. If you don't have WFP problems, then you can replace it, but changes won't take effect until you reboot. I did a quick one. It's not as cool as the one you had in the picture, but this is what I figured out in 5 minutes and I don't have the will power to spend more than 5 minutes on it. I knew enough to get this far, so I thought I would point you in the right direction.
  21. http://www.msfn.org/board/Customize_boot_screen_t606.html
  22. http://www.skinbase.org/section.php?sections=msstyles
  23. I know this is a roundabout way of doing it, but here's the way I replace files without getting too deep into this kind of thing... 1. make a silent installer. 2. make a .sfx file to overwrite the two files with the new ones in the installed folder. I use %programfiles% instead of C:\Program Files so that they will make it to the right place no matter what drive letter Windows is installed on. 3. write a .bat to run the silent installer with the /wait command, then run the the sfx to replace the files. 4. combine all these into one sfx and call the .bat file. Like I said, it isn't the cleanest way of doing things, but it gets the job done!
  24. One possible reason your apps aren't working from .bat files is they may be decompressing to temp space and not getting referenced correctly. And I have also had the problem with Office rolling back during T13. The RunOnceEx command worked perfect for me. I bet it would also work for WMP10. My WMP10 works fine when Windows is up and running. I haven't tried it at T13, though.
  25. The program you are working with is an Inno Setup package. Check out the article below. elajua is on the right track, but the article tells you the exact steps to accomplish it. That part is about half way down the article. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/39/

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