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Windows utilizes one core


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I have 3 computers with Asus P5LD2 mobos. All of the computers are running Win XP SP3 and some are running Windows 2003 SP2. All using the latest BIOS (1903) and latest patches from microsoft.

My problem is that Windows is using only one of the two cores of the CPUs. Some computers are running Pentium D915 dual core and some E2180 dual core. Both supported by the board. When I run the task manager ->performance Windows shows only one CPU instead of two. I've also installed Everest Ultimate and tells that only one core is being used. I've installed all the drivers from the original Asus CD.

Any ideas?


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Check and see which HAL you are using. In Device Manager, under computer, if it says ACPI Uniprocessor, that would explain why Task Manager only shows one core. Possible reasons for this (if it happens to be the case) that these machines originally had Pentium 4 or Celeron CPUs and were upgraded after Windows was installed. Also possible this was done prior to installing SP2 (for XP).

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