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Unattended Vista from USB HD


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I've search, and thought I found some things, then tried them, didn't work, searched some more, etc...

I really can't get this to work, for some odd reason my autounattend.xml just won't get recognized from an extrenal USB HD... it works perfectly fine from DVD media, or in a VM, just not from there (I don't have a USB stick greater than 2GB, so can't test that scenario; stuck with HD).

Tried copying the XML on root, in sources & in both places, still no go...

The install can boot from my HD (although for some EXTREMELY weird reason, it takes FOREVER to go back the text based "Windows is loading files", I mean 6-7 minutes...) finally gets in Vista install and I'm always greeted by the international settings window (so it's not seeing my XML).

Any ideas?


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MAVERICKS CHOICE - Yes, my BIOS fully supports booting from USB.

jaclaz - I haven't tried with that method yet. Not sure how it does it's thing but the diskpart method seems works great for Vista.

As for my problem I believe it has to do with the boot sector on my usb hard disk drive. I was using a WD Passport 120 Gig USB drive (older model) with 2 partitions. One 10 Gig formatted with FAT32 (Vista Boot Partition) and the second was 110 Gig NTFS Partition. It would build Vista fine, it would not however read the Autounattend.xml. What I mean is that it would build like you were using the original DVD to install Vista. I eventually got tired of trying to figure it out and went with a 4 Gig test flash drive. That worked like a charm, built Vista in roughly 25 to 30 minutes requiring no input from me. YAY.... :D

I'm not really sure why the 120 Gig gave me so much trouble.

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