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asking about ms dos


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Yeah, that's totally not asterix password recovery. :lol:

The OP wants to type some command or input in a DOS box without it appearing readable on the screen.

What OS we don't know. Probably XP. ;)

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if your interp is correct you deserve those stars. :D

I went with nerevars translation so at least the answers were linear towards retrieving plain text from the asterix in a command prompt.

Although it indeed may not be the query.

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Unfortunately, the lack of clarity

I have a code required a user name and password

At the time of writing the password box I want to hide or show when writing in the form of Stars

look this code batch

@echo off

start /wait %comspec% /v:on /c "mode 40,10 & title Login Window & color 1e & echo. & set /p name=Enter Name: & set /p pswd=Enter password: & cls & echo name=!name!>login.txt & echo pswd=!pswd!>>login.txt & exit"

for /f "tokens=1* delims==" %%i in (login.txt) do (

if %%i==name set name=%%j

if %%i==pswd set pswd=%%j


echo Name is %name%

echo Password is %pswd%

save this on cmd and tes if run will show box say enter user and pass

now I wanna know how can hide this pass if I type on cmd or Encrypted like star

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