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WinPE 1.6 2003sp1 Nic Drivers Intel 82567LM


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Anyone still using PE 1.6?

Due to legacy scripting, we need 1.6 to deploy some images but the newe Lenovo T400 uses the latest Intel 82567LM. Adding these drivers completely destroys any WMI calls which stops the scripting. This affects our entire estate of computers.

Any one seen this before or know a work around? Unfortunatly PE2.x is a long way off being developed for this deployment process.

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If I may ask, what system are you using that can't use v2.x?

There are multiple reasons why this could be. We still have to use the old WinPE for certain applications as well. In my case, we cannot get WINBOM scripting to work in WinPE 2.0.

OTOH, I haven't had any problems using any of the newest Intel drivers in the older WinPE, with exception to the RTL8201 virtual NIC garbage but that just plain doesn't work.

The simple method of installing drivers shouldn't break your WMI, as it is obvious that other drivers do not. I am imagining that the INF calls for additional components or programs to be installed when loaded. You can check the INF to see if it installs anything extra.

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Jazkal - The system works fine with PE2.x, The scrips fail. These are custom scripts from another department and I cannot modify them. They are currently working on the transition.

Tripredacus - I have examined the inf, copied and registered all dlls, cats ect. VB and VBS run fine but stops any computer running and wmi calls.

Been designing pxe and winpe systems for nine years now. This one has me stumped!

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