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4GB DVD+RW shows up as 648MB


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I'm not using DVD+RW, i am using DVD+R, all new. Do you have a link to the correct ASPI drivers to install?

Btw when i put in the disc now, nothing shows up. I am going to uninstall nero and just use 120 and reinstall intel application acclerator 2.3


Using Alcohol 120 it says 4.7GB DVD+R DISC.

I will try to burn something and see does it work. Seems like nero is crap

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Well, here you go for Adaptec ASPI layer 4.71 OR Nero ASPI layer. But if you can burn fine with another program, that probably isn't the problem so you should leave that alone.

IMHO, Nero is a fine program, but you need to find a good version.

Oh, and maybe you could edit your first post so that people don't mistakenly believe Win9x doesn't support DVD burning.

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