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I have Dell vista home basic sp1 dvd which i got from dell along with my laptop,I come to know that by changing key in PID.TXT (which is in source folder) with another version oem key it install that version..

coz vista have all versions in dvd just key decide which version to install...

But when i tried to change PID.TXT key with the help of ultraiso i found 2 PID.TXT :blink:

one in source folder and another in boot.wim...

now can anyone tell me do i need to change keys in both PID.TXT or only in source folder's PID.TXT?

and what if delete both PID.TXT?

By deleting PID.TXT can i able to enter key during installtion? coz if this feature get enable i become able to choose any version of dell just by entering dell oem vista key... i.e.basic,premium,ultimate...

please canany one help me...


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Delete pid.txt's and make a new iso without them, during install you will be prompted to enter key (you can use vLite to make it unattended)

And if you dont want to delete them just change the key inside em

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delete both and just add this to <settings pass="windowsPE">


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