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[WALLPAPER REQUEST] Modded XP-Tan Wallpaper

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Heya guys!!

I wish for my XP-based machine to have the wallpaper shown here: http://bp1.blogger.com/_raDp1maFPQY/RsfbpA.../s400/XPtan.jpg

But, even to untrained eyes, this image has some obvious imperfections (like white spots and *incorrectly* colored areas). Mostly, I think this is because of the JPEG image compression, causing the image to lose some quality.

All I'm asking is for::

-imperfections to be corrected (like white spots and other color errors),

-the lines to become more defined (and the text of XP-tan's leg to be not-so-blurred, and a little more straightened please, but still conforming to her curvature), the Windows Logo on her shoulder to be not as skewed.

**Also, I'm planning to have a "Darksided" Windows XP (with XPize Darkside + Royale Noir + etc.) --> So, can you make a couple of variations, one that keeps this bright-glistening-shine background, and another with a more midnight-stargazing-dark-blue-black-purple-ish feel?

* Size::

Preferably a standard desktop size, ie 15" screens (1024x768) --> I would appreciate it if the file is saved in a format in which the quality does not degrade (PNG maybe)

* Color(s)::

enough to correct imperfections and add a midnight feel to it ;)

* Text::

Correction to the "Microsoft Windows XP" text + Windows Logo

* Pictures::

Windows logo + Microsoft Windows XP logo for manipulation; main image here http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http:/...=image&cd=1



NOTE:: I've tried to correct the imperfections myself, but hell, I'm no artist ... And I by far will not know how to add a midnight feel to it ...



Thanks a lot guys!! I really appreciate it ;) !!

NOTE:: I also posted a request up on Wincert: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=4743 . If somebody takes it on either post, I will make proper edits to the respective thread to signal that its being worked on/ taken elsewhere.




Edited by Happy-Dude

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its not a very big image, and yes a lot of its down to compression - so my thought is that its not really worth the effort, because it will never look right. Unless that is, you use it on a small screen - like with a Web book for example?

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Well, I am wishing to use this wallpaper for the desktop. My monitor is standard 15" (CRT, and if I ever get an LCD, I think I wanna stick to 15" still).

Is there anyone that can help me fulfill the request? Is there anything that I can do?

**I can make a request for a larger size, if that would change anyone's minds.**

I really want this wallpaper for my Desktop. Is there anything that people can do for me? Of course, I'll wait as long as there is needed for the request to be finished.

Can anyone help me here?

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Sorry, my lack of time made it not so great, ill try harder next time T.T heres a preview, ill upload the full size if you like itpost-214739-1226115771_thumb.png

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A couple of things:

-The Microsoft Windows XP text is still ... Well, not visually pleasing. (The first 3 letter may seem a bit large, don't you think? The W especially. And the XP looks really small. I know you were trying to add a little bit of depth to it, but perhaps it can be made a tad bit larger?)

-The Windows logo isn't quite as pleasing. Perhaps you can just paste the default XP logo on it? http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y132/Moin/windows-logo.jpg (or any other found in Google without text) --> Let's see how that looks?

How is the imperfections-correcting coming? (Might I ask you to go pixel by pixel to see where the imperfections might be?) How the midnight look coming?

Again, thank you very much for taking this request :) !! I really, really appreciate it ;) !! Take your time and keep up the good work !!

Edited by Happy-Dude

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I try again, I was doing some colorization, but i go frustrated at it. Too many left over light splotches after i colorize XP.

Well, I double layered the 'Microsoft Windows XP' and used the logo you wanted.

The first one i sharpened the text and logo, but it ended up looking scetchy to me, but i dont know about you, so i have what i saved before

i sharpened it as well.





Sorry for sucking at life, by the way Xp

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Sorry, was a bit busy when I made this response. Right now, I've just compared them side by side (original that I sent and the recent ones you made). And yeah, you're right, I see some major things that need to be worked on ...

I apologize if I am making this hard for you. I just really appreciate the work you're doing.


Would it be easier to start with the original JPEG image and edit from that or continue on from what I did with the PNG image that I presented?

I'm asking because the edits I made were just amateur color corrections, just taking colors from the surroundings and just putting it into the pixels that needed some corrections.

I don't even know if I blended the colors together in the right manner or whatever. However, whichever image you wish to take and start with is up to you. Just remember, if you start with my PNG image, make sure to correct whatever errors I may have made ;)

Now, looking at the images and comparing theme side by side, overlaying each other, what I'm wishing for is:

--the suggestions that I made in the following image (forget about a new logo, just tilt the green corner a bit to the right and as for the text, just tilt several degrees to right and clarify text blurr)

--looking forward to see all the coloring issues and line issues that I made note of (and the more subtle ones that I didn't notice) be corrected a little bit

--wishing for a midnight theme ;)

**Thanks very much !! I truly appreciate it, and I am looking forward to what you have in store ;) !!** :thumbup


Here is the image I provided, and let me mark my clarified suggestions in red (sorry if the lines are a tad bit ... well, placed at ... weird areas ... Sorry):

Clarification of text (since I noticed it can be misinterpreted.):

Drag the green corner (of the original logo of the image) out a bit, but careful not to touch the hair ;) .

Clear up the text blur.

Tilt logo a bit to the red line. --> XP should then read the point of the big red blott.




Here is the original image JPEG image with red-color areas that I see problems with. Basically, it is coloring issues and defined-lines issues that the JPEG compression screwed with:




Here is the original JPEG image, for reference (without any marking).


Here is the image that I modified, with some of the color issues worked on by me.



Thanks very much!!

Hm ... It turns out that the Windows XP text (double layering) and logo didn't turn out the way I wanted ... (Just not everything works out that way, eh?)

So, I guess keep the original text, but just sharpen whatever was a little blurred (like the original *Microsoft* text on top of Windows XP).

As for the Windows Logo, how about try tilting it to fit with the position of the arm?

Thats all that I have to suggest at this point. Originally, I though that the color sharpening was turning out quite well actually.

Just continue workin on it ;) !! (And remember to tell us about how the *Midnight* theme is coming along !!)

Keep us updated, and continue the great work!! Don't give up !!


**Original JPEG image uploaded. PNG image was too large [-_-] ...**


Edited by Happy-Dude

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Oh, i think i know what you are talking about now

how's this:



Edited by Kelif

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OMG !! Yes, Yes, yes !!!! :thumbup

Alright, just some slight nitpicks -->

**MS Windows XP text**

--The M isn't straight as other in the text

--the *xp* isn't straight in line also. Try to make the p point downward a tad bit more

--realized that the new text (which is better, of course) blurred out some of the dress lining. Can you correct that/ compensate for it?

**Windows Logo**

--Think it would be better looking if you manipulate both the yellow and green corners to look a little more straightened and aligned --> for both their left and right sides?

**XP hair-pin thing**

--Just several more corrections to the lining of it (there is some black getting into the orange colors)

**Hair coloration**

--Continue working on making the colors blend with each other. There are still some white-blue spots lying around.

**The edited redefined lines**

--Make them more smoother, not completely jagged-like. (Like with her right hand and some stands of her hair.)

--Some lines of her dress became slightly blurred afterwards in the image. Was this intentional? (I think I like more defined lines better; just make them smooth and blend right together ;) .)

--The lines of ... well ... Her bosom ... I think you should keep the thinner lines of original image --> new line doesn't look all that right going into the dress area. Keep the thinner lines, but make them less jagged than the original.

That's all I have to say now. Keep up the amazing work ;) !!


Now, some final things--

How's the pixel-line-coloring corrections coming (I noticed it was better, but are there still more flaws?) ?

How's the *Midnight theme*? ;)


Keep me posted. I am looking forward to how all this turns out.


Added more things I found with image.

EDIT 2--

Added image:




EDIT 3--

Added more things about XP logo and text.


**Realized I spelled line wrong as "light". My mistake -_- .

Edited by Happy-Dude

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Oh darn, Kelif, I think your recent pics had a shift to the left (by several pixels).

Take some of your original images and view them through Windows Picture viewer, then immediately view the recent pics of yours.

You'll notice that there is a running white line on the right, and the entire image shifted slightly.

Could you double check on that?

**Thank you soo much!!**


--the *xp* isn't straight in line also. Try to make the p point downward a tad bit more

A clarification of what the above meant::

the P of the XP is several degrees to the right, making the text not look "straight". So, what I was asking for was that the *p* be pointed some degrees slightly to the left.

Thanks so much!!

**Realized I spelled line wrong as "light". My mistake -_- ...

Edited by Happy-Dude

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Well ... Look what I found:


and then I saw planet ... http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/17/2008/11/planets.png

and then I got my own enabled ... http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/7819/inboxig4.png

and then I refreshed the page and saw this ... http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/1069/defaultcn0.png

And then ... I stopped the page from loading ... And got my hands on this: http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/8914/startilebr0.gif




... Can this be one of the backgrounds you might consider for the *Midnight Theme* ? I'll upload it for you ;) . (Think the cleartype text from the desktop icons will be able to be displayed?)

By the way, how are things coming? I look forward to your finished work ;) !!

**So, your leftorright3 iteration of the image has the Windows Logo fixed !! Yay!! I think the only things that need some work are the defining lines, fixing the XP hairclip thing, making colors match, and fixing the coloration errors from the bitmap.

Then you can work on the midnight version :D !!**

THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! I look forward to hearing from you !!


Edited by Happy-Dude

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I've took some time to *re-align* the pictures (leftorright3.png) with the original (the .png version of the .jpg image).

Here is the realigned image:



Here is an image with some edits highlighted:



Everything is going fine, Kelif. The image is coming along great.

Just keep working on defining the lines, getting rid of some blurring of the parts, and continue with the coloration work. Thank you sooo much!! I look forward to hearing from you.


Here is a midnight theme suggestion image:



Edited by Happy-Dude

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