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vLite and Server 2008 Features


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Hey Guys.

I want to use vlite on Server 2008 x64. I heard, that the option adding rolls and features wont be usable after using vlite on it.

So, i want to delete some i dont need. But i need 3 features: Desktopthingy (for Aero), TCP/IP-Services and WLAN.

After installing server, i cant add these features anymore. Is there a possibility installing these features with vlite or waik before creating the iso?

Thanks in advance!

//EDIT: OK, lets say installing WLAN-Service before creating the ISO.

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I already did, but i dont understand what i have to do^^...


I created a bat with this:

"type Untitled.xml

start /w pkgmgr /o:E:\Work\WimMount;E:\Work\WimMount\Windows /n:Untitled.xml /l:log


I placed the untitled.xml and the bat into "Server x64\Sources", theres the pkgmgr.exe. Then im going to start the bat, it says the app isnt a x64-app. Logically, i understand this, cause im using winxp x32 atm.

Could u tell me, which line i have to add into untitled.xml to install WLAN-Service? And which OS do i have to use to use the bat? Only works with vista x64 for example?

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Where is this thread?


Should I use vLite for Server 2008 32 Bit if I want to install it as a workstation (Vista in fast) or not?

well server 2008 is less bloated vlite could remove lots of space and tweak ur system

anyway server 2008 untouched is very good

check in the topic and around u will find enuf info about what to remove :)

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