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P4 845 chipset motherboard jumper


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Hi all, I hv P4 845 chipset motherboard V 1.0 , there is an I-ball company's sticker on motherboard, but i don't hv any kind of manual for that. Y'day i was cleaning my system with blower and one jumper came out from motherboard, now when i starts the system, it generates continuous beep noice. I tried to fit that jumper in every empty pin slot but situation remains same. At some places (between 2 pci slots) when i put jumper, beep noise is suppressed but there is no display of monitor, also keyboard and mouse not being detected.

The motherboard hv SD Ram type slots, i tried every part re-fit but still problem persists. Wt could b the reason? There is no other missing part from motherboard. I replaced battery also, but problem is unsolved. If you hv any kind of idea or blue print of old P4 845 chipset motherboard, pl forward it to the following id:


Also post your comments /suggestions here, thx all for support.

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There should be a part number on the motherboard, for example: SP-845GV3 rev. 1.0. or, if it´s a "brand" computer you could give us the model number and we can help you out here (sure not going to mail it to you, then a forum would be useless ;)).

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Contuinuous beep from the POST could be the "case has been opened" alarm or it could be missing/faulty keyboard.

Using a blower does not usually blow off jumpers, even if you are using a compressed air line (NOT recommended, BTW). It may have been lying unconnected to start with.

Randomly putting the jumper back anywhere may have cleared the CMOS, in which case you now have more than one problem.

Without at least some information of the motherboard (Make? Model? Anything at all??) a precise answer is not possible.

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