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  1. Hi all, I hv P4 845 chipset motherboard V 1.0 , there is an I-ball company's sticker on motherboard, but i don't hv any kind of manual for that. Y'day i was cleaning my system with blower and one jumper came out from motherboard, now when i starts the system, it generates continuous beep noice. I tried to fit that jumper in every empty pin slot but situation remains same. At some places (between 2 pci slots) when i put jumper, beep noise is suppressed but there is no display of monitor, also keyboard and mouse not being detected. The motherboard hv SD Ram type slots, i tried every part re-fit but still problem persists. Wt could b the reason? There is no other missing part from motherboard. I replaced battery also, but problem is unsolved. If you hv any kind of idea or blue print of old P4 845 chipset motherboard, pl forward it to the following id: rozi_hotgirl@yahoo.com Also post your comments /suggestions here, thx all for support.
  2. Hello nice post here but not working for me-how that i m telling. I genrate xppro+sp2 & also make winnt.sif- I entered value of product key , i entered mce product key and also add [Components] medctr = on netfx =on so i encountered following problems- 1- copy cd to hd and run unattednded.bat that saying that product key is wrong 2- During generatioin of new unattended file i select "from CD" and after completion i put winnt.sif(not winnt.sif.txt) in i386 folder but during boot from cd rom it says Driveletter:\i386\winnt.sif is not a valid file ,set up will not continue place ctrt+alt+del to resart your computer. My xppro+sp2 cd dont having winnt.sif as well as mce disk 1 also dont having winnt.sif so how can i genrate it? it prompts errors,shoul i modify any file? Is there any way to convert xppro to mce?
  3. Hello friends,many are saying that mce disk1 and xpprowith sp2 disks are the same but some how few files are different , also the cd key entered is not only responcible for installing mce2005 bcoz few files that recognize that the cdkey is true or false. My problem is that my mce2005 disk1 completely get corrupted & installation from it not runs,so i made image of that cd with some errors but the cd get on image & i also burned it on a rewritable disk(to avoid losses of disks)so that cd also copied on hd but during installation it says some files (for ex ntfs.sys,ks.inf etc... are corrupted sete up will not continue). I read some posts here & than integrate SP2 files in mce2005 disk1 so it replaced bad or corrupted files,so i again get new cd & installs mcedisk1 with its cdkey the installation also requiers cd2 of mce and also prompt for insert disk2 of sp2 to copy some files.Allready sp2 is integrated it also reqi. disk2 of mce but its not installing mce,though the disk of original mce2005 disk 1 having sp1 in it and the cd which i created having sp2 I dont understand whats worng wiith my installation??????? Also i read about unattended installation of xp,but my xppro+sp2 cd dont having winnt.sif file nor my mce having it,so in xppro+sp2 i made winnt.sif from unattended.txt as .sif(not .sif.txt) and put it in i386 folder & burned cd but during installation it says winnt.sif is not a valid file.How can i overcome this problem?Pl reply

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