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Unattended Vista patching?


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Ok I've got builds of both 32 an 64 bit vista and I'm looking for something that can be run after an install (which includes SP1) that can automatically go and grab any updates and install them without countless pesky UAC prompts.

Does such a tool exist?

I've installed MBSA 2.1 on one of each and it shows what the machine needs patched but the download link goes and grabs a cab file that I have no idea what do to with. I've gone out and manually downloaded the actual MS08 exe files but with around 25 of them needed after a clean install, it's tedious and time consuming and I need something that can do all of this automatically.

Any ideas or programs that can help speed this up?

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Our installer called a script from the network after install. I think it uses the guirunonce, not sure. Anyways, we keep a batch file on the server that silently installs all the updates. So when new updates come out, we download them, put them on the server, and update the script, so the installer runs the current updates every time. It isn't the best way, but we use it for now until we figure something else out.

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maybe i didn't exactly understand but why don't you use just windows update ?

Sorry I forgot to mention that! The images we get have the group policy and registry locked down so that the windows updates are disabled (as we use SMS to keep the machines up to date)

The problem is that we USED to be able to use our own images that were kept up to date and now we can't so we're trying to find a faster way to get a machine up to date before putting them on the network.

Anyways, I found this. Works BRILLIANTLY (and faster than windows update)


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