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Ok...how is this done?


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If you watch, everything he works with is off the bottom of the deck. You pick a card and it doesn't matter which card you pick unless it is one of the two bottom cards and then his trick is messed up. The bottom card is the blue card and it is a 5 of spades. The nest card up is also a 5 of spades. Now watch the trick again and follow the original bottom of the deck. (notice how he fumbles a little bit when he is working with the cards when they are at the top of the deck? He is picking up 2 cards. The blue one that was at the bottom of the deck AND the card you selected. He quickly turns over both cards as if they were one card. ) The bottom of the deck, minus the blue card is now on the bottom again and which card does he show you as the new selection? That's right, the bottom card.


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