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Vista BSOD?


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People who may have been experiencing BSOD with their vista lately, Please read below! I thought i let everybody know this

Quoted from foxs extreme tech

I feel it's my duty to warn you all that KB954211 which is a kernel update is causing some problems in some circumstances. My guess is that it's hardware related as it only affects 1 out of 4 of my Vista machines and it affects my Vmware 6.5. On Vmware 6.5, I've encountered the dreaded BSOD after installing Vmware tools. On my main machine, an old pre-SP1 issue has resurfaced. After resuming from deep sleep, I have no internet connection and Windows claims I have no network cable plugged in until after I reboot. I also will be looking at a clients machine tomorrow experiencing random BSOD's after yesterdays updates. I have to believe at this point that it is driver issues with the new kernel. Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Fox's Extreme Tech

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