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help with unattended reinstall please


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Hey Everyone,

I have a custom version of windows I created, installed on my computer (unattended install). For the facts: I have a C drive and a D drive. My documents and settings and all users are under my D drive. I made this change in nLite. So, when windows installs, I have my windows and programs on the C drive and my data, users, and documents and settings on my D drive.

Now, how can I reinstall windows so that the reinstall recognizes my already formed users on my D drive? So that everything reconnects...so to say.

I did a test on a virtual machine, and when using the same unattended cd to do an reinstall, my user on D drive stays just fine but windows does not integrate the user. It ignores the user and makes new ones.......

To add more facts: During the reinstall, I formatted only the C drive and left D drive alone [don't want to lose the data : )]

Any idea on this......please.....

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You can't. Well not exactly.

If windows sees a folder already exists in the doc & settings folder with the same name as the user that is being created it will create a new profile folder. I have solved this two ways.

1. reload log in as that user, restart then log in as another user with admin rights and copy the old profile folder contents into the newly created folder <username.machinename>.

2. Move the user folder out of doc 7 settings before logging in and having the default profile created. then log in have the profile created folder will just be named <username>.

If you use an image instead that knows of these users then you can do what you want because the user SID will be the same when you drop the image back down. But otherwise a new user SID is created each time.

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