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printer install hangs


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I have 6 HP laserjet 2300 printers. Using the program from HP to install the printer it hangs at the end of the install. I have tried different laptops, desktops no luck. Anyone have any ideas of what I should try?

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What interface are you using? USB or Parallel ?

Are you following the install instruction sheet to the letter?

Most instructions for USB printers, plainly state, "Do Not connect USB cable till told to do so by the installation software".

Or something to that effect.

If you connect the USB cable too soon, then Windows tries to install the printer and a conflict results.

It just happened to be on an HP printer install that I first found this out.

I had to clean everything out of the computer, concerning that printer and then start over, following the instructions on the Install Sheet.

Also, if you have old printers already installed, it may be helpful to fully remove the drivers and software before installing a new printer.

Just a thought!


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