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Unattened install licences

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hey everyone,

I have a questions about unattended install and its licences, i am making some unattended installs for a smal IT company whos going to use it on alot of different computers and companys.

now my question is, how does the licence work? if my unattended install gets used on alot of different computers with the same licence (like Windows xp, office winrar etc.) is that allowed if they have the licence physicly stored somewhere?

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The main question you should be asking is whether or not you want to do it by the book or not. Using a single license in an image will allow the software to work on multiple computers, but in most cases EULAs do not legally allow you to do it that way. The exceptions are going to be software that requires activation, such as Windows or Office, and you do not have a volume license. Other programs (like WinRaR or others) may give you problems if you attempt to register or download updates if their update site tracks info from the source computer or not.

An example of something I used to do was install Nero 7 with 1 CD Key, and use that in an image. Of course Nero gives you an option to change the CD Key. Each computer had its own disc with the CD Key printed on the back, but for all intents and purposes, Nero would work just fine that way. We do not do it like that anymore, however and now following the licensing requirements provided by the software manufacturer... this is to say that in the past maybe whoever was running the show (and thankfully isn't now) either was an old guard or simply didn't care as long as our own customers were satisfied.

In most cases, installing demo or trialware that features an unlocking mechanism is the best method to install programs. Otherwise post-install will be your only other option.

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