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  1. nevermind i think ive seem to found how to install applications using the good old way of a script.
  2. hey guys is it possible for the New Microsoft update ( the one that updates every microsoft program instead of just windows) to silently install with the rest of the applications with unnattended XP installation? because i cant seem to find an .exe file to install this manuelly,i can only get this through the microsoft update site.
  3. hey guys im trying to do an unattended install with Vista, but i cant seem to silently install office 2003, cant find much on it to either. i tried installing it using this guide : http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/applications.html every application silently installs using that method but not office 2003, i used a the same kind of method you would use installing it on XP (TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST) but it doesnt work. Im i doing something wrong or is there some other way?
  4. your path is most likely invalid thanks, its working now.
  5. i tried this, i did what everything that was posted but when i run the sfx file i get this message: "error reading setup initialization file" any help?
  6. hey everyone im new to this and i was looking around on how to remove my microsoft office 2003 document image writer when installing using a unattended xp but couldnt find a solid awnser. is there any script i can use in my batch file after installing the other programs? or maybe some kind of register tweak? thanks in advance.
  7. hey everyone, I have a questions about unattended install and its licences, i am making some unattended installs for a smal IT company whos going to use it on alot of different computers and companys. now my question is, how does the licence work? if my unattended install gets used on alot of different computers with the same licence (like Windows xp, office winrar etc.) is that allowed if they have the licence physicly stored somewhere?
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