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I previously used the MPC version from the guliverkli2 project, since i didn't though that i had any use of the new functionality in MPC-HC, as i didn't use the VMR renderers and hence, had no use for the D3D full-screen anti-tearing mode,(i preffer the overlay mixer renderer for it's speed, color-corectness and stability), and since i didn't have any use for the EVR renderer either, and finally since my video card where to old to use bitsreamed H.264 DXVA mode, and then i thought that i could just as well use the more "vanilla" MPC version, so as to avoid possible newly introduced bugs from the new features implemented in MPC-HC...

However, i have just first now discovered that MPC-HC also has added internal Xvid/DivX(mpeg4-asp) decoding from FFmpeg's libavcodec library(the same as ffdshow uses), in addition to the H.264 and VC-1 decoders that i allready knew about, so this means that MPC now resembles MPlayer in that it with a single executable can decode Xvid, DivX, H.264, AC3, DTS, AAC etc. :)

So with MPC-HC, then ffdshow is now also optional, if not using it's post-processing features, or some of it's other supported formats which MPC dosen't support, that is...

Sorry, you all of course now this allready, but i just found out about it know, as it wasen't listed as a new feature on the MPC-HC homepage, except in the changelog section...

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